Having a swimming pool in your backyard will contribute to a luxury addition and be the perfect recreation for your friends and family. But before you decide to have a pool, knowing and comparing its prices is important. There are also other important factors as well that you have to consider before installing a swimming pool. Like what type of pool you need, safety and luxury features, and the total cost. In this quick guide, we will guide you about the cost to install a swimming pool, the key factors that influence it and how to plan your dream pool budget.

What is the average cost of an inground pool?

The cost of an inground pool depends on the size and the features. However, the average cost to install a swimming pool can range between $25,000 to $100,000. Again, the cost depends on the size, so if you are looking for small or semi-inground pools, they cost less than the average.

What are the factors that influence the costs?

● Pool shape and size: The cost of the pool depends on the size and shape because it impacts the overall factors like excavation, materials, and labour.

● Decking and patio areas: Learn about the costs of adding the decking or the patio area around the pool. You have to discuss the design, materials, and the overall cost it adds up.

● Water features and lighting: If you want a water fountain and lights around the pool for an aesthetic look, it will increase your pool’s cost.

● Excavation: When it comes to the preparation of the site, the expense is calculated based on the overall cost. You have to discuss that beforehand with your contractor.

● Labour: Discuss the timeline and how much labour will be required with the exact costs to avoid hidden fees.

● Permits and regulations: It is highly important that you get the necessary permits to install a swimming pool, for which you must pay the associated fees.

On-going costs and maintenance

It’s not just about the construction, permits, and aesthetics you need to add to the budget. Many people only focus on the installation costs and don’t add up the operational costs like water, electricity, and chemical expenses. Moreover, you also have to add regular maintenance tasks to keep your pool in the best condition.

Inground pool vs above-ground pool

The above-ground pool is comparatively cheaper than the inground before it is more like a water tank. Consider this a smart choice for many who want to get a pool at cheaper costs. The installation, features, and even maintenance costs can be covered in $5000 to $25000, which is much more affordable than the inground ones.


Installing a swimming pool is a tough decision because it involves many factors that can impact your budget. However, the most important thing to look for is a well-known contractor like the Swimming Pools of Flordia who gives you an accurate budget and is totally transparent. Moreover, compared to the other contractors, they provide much more affordable rates and pool ideas to build under your budget. Choose them for the best experience ever, and transform your backyard into a refreshing retreat.