Thinking of adding a pool to your home in Florida? The first thing you need to decide is the pool shape you want. There are many shapes, but not every one of them will be for your space. 

The right shape of your pools in Florida will increase the aesthetics of the outdoor space. So, you must know how to pick the right shape and the different types. Here is our perfect guide to give you a rundown of the most popular options. 

Understanding the different pool shapes

When it comes to pool shapes, there are various options. From the classic rectangles to the freeform, you can choose a design that is your dream pool. Every option has its own charm, benefits, and requirements. You must know that the design decision depends on the backyard, budget, and how you will use it. 

Different types of shapes in Florida

1. Rectangular pools:

These are the most common and classic pool shapes. It is perfect for swimming, playing pool games, and hosting events for families and friends. Therefore, you will find them in modern homes with minimalistic designs. If you’re looking for pool construction in Florida, rectangular pools are a great choice. 

2. Kidney-shaped pools:

These pools are oval or round with a slight dent on one side. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best choices for families with kids. It looks more aesthetically pleasing than a rectangular pool. Moreover, you can go for it if you have a small backyard and get it custom-sized for your landscape. These pools look similar to a pond or lake, giving you a natural environment.

3. Freeform pools:

Freeform pools, like a lagoon or beach, are very popular for their natural shape. It is perfect for people who prefer to enjoy their backyard as they are on vacation. These pools are inspired by the natural design of the water body, so you have endless possibilities. Like in the name, you can think of anything that matches your dream pool. Further, you can have a one-of-a-kind shaped pool in your backyard. It is one of the best choices for pools in Florida.

4. Oval pools:

These pools are similar to rectangular ones but have rounded edges. It is perfect for families and friends to cater events and host parties. Many famous resorts have this shaped pool that will look amazing in your backyard. So, you can go with this shape for pool construction in Florida and enjoy it with your loved ones. 

5. Geometric pools:

These pools have clean lines like rectangular ones but have an artistic design. It gives a geometric blend that can be decided based on your liking. You will find plenty of these shape pools online from which you can find the right inspiration. Furthermore, it is the right choice for homeowners who prefer modern architecture. It might be a little bit more expensive than the common shapes. So, it is all about what kind of pool shape you choose or have in mind. 


Choosing the right pool shape depends on multiple factors. Like space, needs, and budget. So, if you are looking for pool construction in Florida, you have to understand the different pool shapes. And then make an informed decision. If you are ready to consult, contact Swimming Pools of Florida. They have an excellent reputation and ensure your pool meets all safety and aesthetic requirements.