New Pool Construction Gallery

Embark on a journey of backyard bliss with Swimming Pools of Florida, where new pool construction becomes a simple joy. We offer personalized pool services that turn your backyard into a fantastic retreat. Have a look through our New Pool Construction Gallery to explore the various pools we’ve come up with, each telling a unique story of luxury, style & simplicity.

Our approach is straightforward – we want to make your pool dreams a reality. The gallery showcases a range of designs, ensuring there’s something for everyone. From sleek and modern to family-friendly, our constructions reflect quality and careful planning.

The pictures below are more than just snapshots of our work – they’re a glimpse into the possibilities for your backyard. We believe in tailoring each pool to fit your lifestyle, making the process as easy and enjoyable as a day spent poolside.Curious about what makes our pool construction stand out? It’s not just about what we build; it’s about creating a backyard oasis where memories are made.If you’re drawn to the luxury, style & simplicity of our work, reach out to us. Let’s chat about turning your backyard into a space that suits your needs and brings joy to your daily life. At Swimming Pools of Florida, we’re here to make pool ownership easy and delightful. Welcome to a world where simplicity meets relaxation, and your ideal pool is just a conversation away!